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Divisadero (Pocket)


  • ISBN : 9780307389756
  • 출판사 : vintage
  • 출판일 : 20070529
  • 저자 : Michael Ondaatje


● In the 1970s in Northern California a father and his teenage daughters, Anna and Claire, work their farm with the help of Coop, an enigmatic young man who makes his home with them. Theirs is a makeshift family, until it is shattered by an incident of violence that sets fire to the rest of their lives. Divisadero takes us from San Francisco to the raucous backrooms of Nevadas casinos and eventuall…

From the celebrated author of The English Patient and In the Skin of a Lion comes a remarkable new novel of intersecting lives that ranges across continents and time. x0D x0D In the 1970s in Northern California, near Gold Rush country, a father and his teenage daughters…

Divisadero (Pocket)