Posts Quantum Chromodynamics (Paperback / 3rd Ed.)

Quantum Chromodynamics (Paperback / 3rd Ed.)


  • ISBN : 9783540485346
  • 출판사 : Springer
  • 출판일 : 20070119
  • 저자 : Greiner, Walter/ Schramm, Stefan/ Stein, Eckart


● The book is a self-contained introduction to perturbative and nonperturbative Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) with worked-out exercises for students of theoretical physics. It will be useful as a reference for research scientists as well. Starting with the hadron spectrum, the reader becomes familiar with the representations of SU(N). Relativistic quantum field theory is recapitulated, and scattering…

The third edition of this outstanding volume has been extensively revised and enlarged to cover all new aspects in Quantum chromodynamics. It first reviews relativistic quantum field theory and details scattering theory in the framework of scalar quantum electrodynamics. The…

Quantum Chromodynamics (Paperback / 3rd Ed.)