Posts Daily Crystal Inspiration (Other)

Daily Crystal Inspiration (Other)


  • ISBN : 9781401958299
  • 출판사 : Hay House Inc
  • 출판일 : 20200512
  • 저자 : Heather Askinosie,Timmi Jandro


● Tap into your crystal intuition with this 52-card oracle deck for transformation and inspiration in your everyday life.Are you seeking daily crystal inspiration to elevate your life and relationships? With this easy-to-use 52-card oracle deck, all you need to do is pick a card and trust your souls intuition. Each card features colorful photographs of Mother Earths most energy-filled crystals and…

Elevate your everyday life by harnessing the deep transformational powerful of crystals! x0Dx0DThis easy-to-use 52 card oracle deck makes the wisdom of crystals convenient and accessible, even when you dont have any physical stones on hand. Just pick a card, and trust…

Daily Crystal Inspiration (Other)