Posts Aesops Fables (Mass Market Paperback/ Reprint Edition)

Aesops Fables (Mass Market Paperback/ Reprint Edition)


  • ISBN : 0451529537
  • 출판사 : Signet
  • 출판일 : 20041005
  • 저자 : Aesop,Zipes, Jack (EDT),이솝(Aesop)


● Kindness is seldom wasted. - from The Lion and the MouseIt is both amazing and wonderful that so much of the richness of our language and our moral education still owes a huge debt to a Greek slave who was executed more than two thousand years ago. Yet sour grapes, crying wolf, actions speak louder than words, honesty is the best policy, and literally hundreds of other metaphors, axio…

Aesop, an ancient Greek poet who was sold into slavery in the early sixth century B.C, relied on animal stories to convey his key points to his masters in court. AESOPS FABLES are now classic, memorable morality plays in which amusing animal characters drive home thought…

Aesops Fables (Mass Market Paperback/ Reprint Edition)


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